Messy Mind Education is a service for parents in regional areas to help access information and advice pertaining to their children’s needs. We implement programs for children in partnership and communication with other service providers such as schools, Speech pathologists, Occupational therapists, Doctors and Educational Psychologists, helping you navigate through your child’s learning journey.

“My daughter Lucy commenced Kinder this year, and although loving school, I was a little concerned about her reading. I was thrilled to hear Fiona Waters had commenced her business as an education consultant as she has such wide experience and skills. I wanted a second opinion on her reading ability to see if she was at an appropriate level for her age. Fiona completed a couple of assessments with Lucy which were fun, she is just so engaging. A thorough report was written, then I liaised with Lucy’s teachers to see how we can work together to help Lucy thrive with her reading.”

Kelly Crossley


Initial Consultation

The starting point for any new family is to have an initial consultation. We have found this is the best way to ensure both parents and Messy Mind Education are on the same page with what is going on. From this conversation, we can help guide parents about how they can go about getting the answers they are looking for.


Messy Mind Education is able to offer evidence based assessments to determine if your child is at risk of learning difficulties, particularly dyslexia and dyscalculia. These assessments are then used to write a full report for parents to take to their school, educational psychologist or health provider who can then assess the child further to work with the school to develop an intervention program if required. Early intervention is key to remediation, this is why we offer the assessment at all ages from preschool, primary, high school and adult learners.

Liaison with other service providers

Communication and partnership with others involved in your child’s educational experience is pivotal to its success. Messy Mind Education can help liaise with schools and teachers, refer you to health professionals and discuss with others the needs you may have.

One on one targeted intervention

When a need has been identified, Messy Mind Education can provide one on one intervention for literacy, numeracy and behavioural issues. These sessions are systematic with clear goals monitored on a weekly basis. Children will be provided with an environment where they feel safe to make mistakes, which allows them to achieve success. After only a short time, as success builds on success, the student becomes more self-motivated and engaged with learning. This service is offered to schools and parents, as we believe intervention works best if used in conjunction with any intervention being conducted at school.




Home Programs

After the assessment of a child’s learning needs, we can formulate an individual home program parents can complete with their child. Like one on one intervention, it will have clear goals, set activities and regular assessment with all resources provided.

Behavioural Analysis

Using the theory of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) Messy Mind Education can assist with challenging behaviours of children with diagnosed and undiagnosed behavioural issues such as ASD, ADHD and ADD, both in the school and home. Through the collection of information, observation and analysis, we can offer a thorough Positive Behaviour Support Plan. This identifies the antecedents (triggers) of the behaviour and practical ideas for how they can be addressed in the classroom and at home. This service is offered to both schools and parents.

Training for teachers, support staff and schools

Messy Mind Education is able to provide professional development for staff in the areas of literacy, numeracy and behavioural difficulties. Theory can often negate reality. Messy Mind Education seeks to provide to schools and parents the links between theory and practice, to give students the best possible chance at accessing equable education.

Adult Literacy

Messy Mind Education is able to provide one on one, confidential tutoring to adults struggling with reading or mathematics. After an initial assessment, we can provide weekly sessions to guide a home program for the client to complete.

Support Groups

Messy Mind Education is able to provide facilities for parents of children with additional educational or behavioural needs to meet and support each other with common experiences.

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